Policy regarding personal data confidentiality


The confidentiality of your personal data is one of the preoccupations of Asociația Club Sportiv Constantina Dita with the registered office in Bucharest 3, 23-25 Nerva Traian Street.

We collect from you only those personal data which are necessary in order to provide you with the possibility to use our webpage and to present to you the services which ASOCIATIA CLUB SPORTIV CONSTANTINA DITA (ACSCD) make available to its clients, and to be able to keep you up to date with our products, services and offers (direct marketing) to the extent this is allowed by the legal regulations or it is done based on your consent.

In general, we process your following personal data:

  • First name and last name
  • Category/Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • City
  • Banking data: bank account number and bank
  • Photo and video
  • Competition no., competition time and rank

Each category of data shall be collected for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes, and they shall not be subsequently processed in a way incompatible with such purposes, and they shall be kept for a period not exceeding the period necessary to meet the purposes for which they are processed.

In order to ensure the principle of information transparency upon processing your personal data, we hereby communicate to you the procedure based on which we process your data, the purposes and the legal ground of the activities by which we process your data.


In order to register for the sports events organised by ACDS, you should fill-in the registration form specific to the selected competition category.

Upon filling-in and completing the registration form, we collect from you your first name, last name, category, age, telephone number and email address, city and IP.

These personal data are necessary to us in order to validate and guarantee your registration to the selected event. The grounds of processing is represented by the contractual relationship between parties as it is set-forth in the Competition Regulation. To the extent you do not agree with processing your data, ACSCD shall not be able to validate and guarantee your registration for the desired event. At the same time, in order to be able to issue the payment evidence afferent to the registration fee, we also collect from you your banking data, namely: account number and bank.

In case you choose to make the payment online, your online payment data shall not be accessible or stored by ACSCD, but only by the electronic payment service provider or by another entity authorized to provide card identification data storage services whose identity shall be revealed to you prior to the actual entrance of your card details used for online payment. The only payment data to be stored by us are those related to the initiation and completion of transaction and the payment status.

In case the payment is not made online, ACSCD shall collect only your account number and Bank necessary to issue the fiscal invoice. Based on the legal obligation required by the fiscal law, your personal data necessary to prepare the payment documents shall be provided to our contractual partners who provide us with IT and accounting services, and they shall be used to submit the fiscal and accounting declarations to the fiscal authorities.

Your personal data shall be kept during the entire period of contractual relationship and also for three years as of the date of registration to the event, except those which shall be kept for different periods according to the conditions of these Policy.

In order to be able to fully and timely provide you with our services, your personal data shall be disclosed to our internal departments with data processing prerogatives (marketing, accounting, IT etc.) and also to our carefully selected trusted contractual partners:

  • provider of services consisting in data storage on external servers, being located in Romania;
  • provider of accounting services;
  • provider of services consisting in email sending and communications;
  • online payment operators.

Your data processed upon filling in the registration form are not subject to a decision based exclusively on automatic processing, including profile creation, and they shall not be transferred to a third country or international organisation.



In order to meet the goals for which ACSCD was established, and to be able to present to you the organised events, the provided services and the atmosphere created during such events as completely as possible, we publish on our website www.runbi21km.ro, Photo section, the photos made during the organised events.

By filling-in and submitting the registration form, you give your consent for processing your photo and video. After the event, we shall publish on our website – Photo section.

Also, the photos and videos made upon organising the events shall be published on our Facebook page. The photos shall be kept on the website and the other accounts for ten years.

Moreover, the photos and videos made during the event shall be used in the event promotion materials as photos, posters, films, interviews etc. free of charge and uncensored.

The photos and audio/video records are the exclusive property of ACSCD which has the right to dispose in any way of them, you, in the capacity of concerned person, having the right to exert all the rights provided in the Regulation and under this Policy with regard to such photos and records.

Moreover, in order to see in real time the ranking for the event in which you have participated, we shall publish on our website the Ranking section which shall include your first name and last name, competition number, time, age category and rank.

The ground for processing these categories of personal data is the legitimate interest of ACSCD, only in this way being possible for us to carry out our activity and keep you up to date with what we do and to present to you the result of our activity. Without this evidence, it is impossible for us to provide a complete description of our events which are so complex and different from one event to another.

The photos and videos which ACSCD processes are those made by our carefully selected authorized photographers or by the photographers with whom ACSCD has conclude service contracts.

Considering the contractual obligations of ACSCD, it shall disclose the photos and videos as the Main Sponsor of the events.

Considering the great number of photos taken, to the extent you do not agree for your photos to be published on the website www.runbi21km.ro or other social networks or if the photos are currently published on the website or social networks and you no longer agree for them to continue to be published, please inform us based on an request sent at registration@runbi21km.ro, indicating the photos that you want for us to delete and we shall immediately comply with your request.



Subscribing and unsubscribing to ACSCD newsletter is free of charge and voluntary and it is made based exclusively on your consent. The newsletter is an exclusively electronic (email, SMS) periodical means of information with regard to ACSCD events, promotions etc., within a certain period, which does not bind ACSCD in any way with regard to the information contained in it.

In order to provide marketing services, we collect from you your email address, telephone number, first name and last name.

Such data shall be exclusively used in order to keep you up to date with regard to our events. The ground of personal data processing is represented by your consent, the processing period being the entire period during which your consent is valid.

Your consent may be withdrawn at any time via an email sent at registration@runbi21km.ro or by accessing the unsubscribe link from the email received from us, and the consequence shall be the termination of processing. Consent withdrawal shall not affect the legality of processing made prior to its withdrawal.

Your data shall not be transferred to any other operator or authorized entity or sent to a third country or international organisation.