Refund Policy

The fee paid upon registration shall be refunded only in case the event is cancelled. We kindly ask you to correctly assess all your personal situations that could occur until the event before registering and paying the registration fee, because, due to the immediate costs borne by the organizer for each registration, and in accordance with the applicable provisions of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014, the registration fees shall not be refunded, changed or transferable. Thus, the following contracts are excepted from the right of withdrawal in the distance contracts and contracts outside commercial premises: a) the service contracts, after supplying the services, if the supply was initiated with the express prior consent of the customer and after he/she has confirmed that he/she has taken note of the fact that he/she would lose the right to withdraw after the complete enforcement of the contract by a professional, and l) the service contracts regarding the recreational activities, in case the contract provides a specific enforcement period. In this context, your registration fee covers the services of the organizers consisting in the performance and preparation of your registration in this recreational event.

Note: for those who cannot participate in the Event, the running kits may be collected in person during the entire period of the Event from the tent of the organizers, or after the Event, being sent via courier with the payment of the transportation by the participant.